Our reclaimed lumber comes from all over the Pacific Northwest with a texture & tale all its own. Some of it may be 500 or 600 years old. Our reclaimed wood is from old growth timbers sourced from old barns and shipyards in the greater Seattle area from the late 1800s – early 1900s.

Historical Gold: Moran Ship Builders

Much of our wood carries a rich history. One of our main sources comes from Moran Ship Builders. The Moran Brothers Ship Building Company prospered during the Gold Rush era when, among other projects, they built a fleet of twelve 176-foot paddlewheel riverboats that would go on to becoming an integral part of the Klondike Gold Rush servicing the Yukon River.

Reading the Rings

For the team at Urban Reclamations our best days are spent standing inside an old barn or building, taking note of the building timbers that are old growth, possibly hundreds of year’s old, yet still stand proud. These timbers have unique patina that only Mother Nature could paint and when handled with skill and craftsmanship create one-of-a-kind, conversation pieces for a lifetime of use. Our pieces only get better with time and richer in character with use.

Northwest Roots: Barnwood

Hand-built historical barns serve as one of our most common sources. Constructed up through the early 19th century typically built using whatever trees were growing on or near the property. Often containing a mix of: Oak, Chestnut, Poplar, Hickory and Pine Timber. Timbers have beautiful grains, unique patinas and color that only mother nature could only create. Our wood stock comes from weather, wear, and holes that we fill and smooth with hard crafted steel pieces.

A Labor of Love

The UR team spends countless hours sanding and shaping the wood to unlock its unique colors, grains and story. Next, we hand-forge steel supports for each piece to make it as beautiful as it is functional. Finally, we finish our furniture with a natural seasoning and protective coating to preserve the poetry of the wood that truly creates a one-of-a-kind table that you can feel excited to put in your home! Our bases are crafted with 1/8” thick steel for a solid look and sturdy feel. We create a conversation between materials. Allowing for the beauty, history, relevance and conversation begging to be told through the marriage of the steel to the wood. When you have a visual balance such as this, you cannot help but stare. We like that!



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We Sell Reclaimed Wood and Build Custom Furniture We offer more selections at our shop. To learn more drop us an Email at ur@urbanreclamations.com or Call (206) 659.6477

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